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More than likely, you’ve probably heard something of artist redveil by now. The 16-year-old artist made a big buzz on social media when popular YouTube reviewer Anthony Fantano scathingly dismissed his music on livestream — immediately followed by a bizarre twitter meltdown which seemed to be directed towards redveil. But the negative review proved to in fact be a boon to redveil, giving him a burst of attention from fans curious to hear what all the commotion was about. Now, redveil finds himself with a dedicated following, and a monthly listener count on Spotify which has shot up to over 200,000 a month (numbers which eclipse scene cohorts like MIKE, Mavi, and others, and continue to grow further with each passing day). “I came up off it,” redveil tells me, laughing light-heartedly. …


Dario Lorenzo

Hip Hop / Politics Writer

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